Susan M. From Avondales Estates, Ga

Healing Heart is a completely different way of doing urgent care. The atmosphere is serene, welcoming, comfortable and very patient-centered. Dr. DeLeon listens carefully and is very kind and reassuring. I received massage therapy for chronic back pain. Susan Powell, one of the massage therapists, is a magician! I left feeling much better - and the pain did not return. I couldn't recommend Healing Heart more highly. Go!

Devorah L. From Atlanta, Ga

I just moved to the area and do not yet have a pediatrician or a family doctor. When my daughter had an ear infection, I was dreading sitting in Urgent Care for hours with two young children. What I found instead at healing heart was a beautiful, clean, serene environment, and exceptionally pleasant staff. We were immediately offered drinks and snacks upon our arrival. Dr. DeLeon was not only very competent, he was very patient and pleasant--explaining everything to me and my daughters. When we went to the pharmacy to fill the prescriptions, one medication was $120. When I called back, I actually got to speak to Dr. DeLeon and he was very happy to prescribe a different, more affordable medicine. I also saw Megan, a PA, on a later visit, and she was outstanding. My hope is that none of my friends have to use urgent care, but if they do, I highly recommend Healing Heart Urgent Care.

Chris S. From Atlanta, Ga.

Opening the door to Healing Heart is like entering a new reality. Beautiful furniture, a hot-beverage counter, a very kind and attentive receptionist. The atmosphere alone dropped a significant amount of tension from my body as the family and I just sort of melted into the waiting room. The aura of welcome and of kindness and of caring seemed so effortless and abundant, my coughing subsided from the relief alone. Dr. de León saw me within several minutes of our having arrived and my having filled out the necessary paperwork, although first there was a little bit of triage to do from a lovely assistant who was, herself, quite kind and warm. While i was being cared for, my kids and wife were enjoying their time in a playroom that the staff had set up for visiting children - and they were joined by the son of one of the staff, Mr. Andrew Soulimiotis, who is the person responsible for "patient experience." It wasn't long before I was diagnosed, prescribed, medicated and sent on my way. But we didn't leave before I had the opportunity to have a very pleasant conversation with Mr. Soulimiotis and the receptionist - both of whom were very enjoyable to speak with. Healing Heart has set the bar for 'urgent care' so incredibly high that for others to follow suit would require an entire paradigm-shift in their thinking. And that is the point, I believe. Healing Heart *is* the paradigm shift, and that they have succeeded in creating such a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere (free WiFi!) in their clinic should put them at the very TOP of your list. As it happens, they also provide therapeutic massage services ... and I'll be going back to them when I'm well in order to avail myself of that, as well! Healing Heart is the new standard-bearer for high quality, high comfort medical care and I gladly lend them my highest possible recommendation.

Mary P. From Atlanta, Ga

On a Friday night my 2 1/2 year old daughter developed a high fever. Her pediatrician was unavailable on the weekend, so I went to Healing Heart Urgent Care on Saturday morning and they were able to see us immediately. The environment was calming and pleasant and we were seen quickly by the nurse and doctor. Dr. De Leon gave my daughter a thorough exam and asked us to stay while the medication he gave for her fever took effect. I rested in the exam room, with my very sick little girl lying on my chest. The doctor cared enough to come in and help me put my feet up so that we could rest more comfortably together. Once she felt better, she was asked if she wanted to go to the "kids room" which she loved. Decorated with monkeys hanging and toys for the kids, she suddenly piped up, "I like going to the doctor." I was also really glad to be able to get a cup of coffee early on Saturday morning...after a long tough night with my sick daughter, that really was a tipping point for me. Thanks Healing Heart.

Gloria S. From Atlanta, Ga

I visited Healing Heart Urgent Care for back pain massage therapy. My experience was "excellent". The atmosphere is welcoming, soothing and efficient. I was offered coffee and water while waiting in the reception area (where do get that!!!). Dr. Susan Powell was is an excellent therapist. I highly recommended her. Because of the central location, easy access, plenty of parking space, access to X Rays and cordiality and professionalism of the staff, I plan to make Healing Heart Urgent Care my family urgent care center ​

Alexander N. From Dunwoody, Ga

I visited Healing Heart Urgent care the day after a knee injury (which ended up being dislocated) and I must say that the experience was superb! My wife ran inside and explained the situation and a lovely nurse came out immediately with a wheelchair and assisted getting me out of the car. This was before they actually were open... we noticed someone inside and they took us in before their published times! Once inside, I was shocked by how clean and pleasant the place looked... I mean, WOW. I thought we were in a SPA... Anyway, I was attended to and taken care of in record time. Dr. De Leon took excellent care of me and went well above and beyond with his attention to detail and concern for my pain. Needless to say, I am not going anywhere else from now on.

Heather H. from Atlanta, GA

This clinic is brand new and located inside Loehmann's Plaza.  The office is really nice... very clean and modern with coffee and TV.  I had no idea it was there until I passed it on the way to my usual urgent care clinic.  I decided to give it a try and am SO glad I did!

I waited less than 10 minutes.  The nurses were really sweet, and Dr. Leon was welcoming and helpful.  He really took the time to listen to me explain the problem and tell me my options for taking care of it.  (I get the same cold/bronchitis every 4-6 months and by now I know what works for me.  He gave me the medicine I requested- I was so happy to have someone listen).

This place was great, so much better than the place a I have previously gone to for 5+ years.

Cassie R. from Reno, NV

I was visiting Georgia from out of town when I got a kidney stone. I didn't want to go to the hospital because of the expense so I tried this urgent care. The doctor there analyzed my UA and said to me "I treat people, not numbers" and proceeded to treat me for a kidney stone he couldn't prove was there. He actually listened to my pain instead of the tests. He hooked me up in the office to IV fluids, gave me tordal and nausea medication. He tried everything in his power to keep me out of the er. In the end I had to go to the er but because of him I didn't have to waste time and money in the er with the meds that didn't work. It was a great experience.

Their office has incredibly caring staff. They offer beverages, hot packs with aromatherapy, relaxation rooms and several other amenities. I have never seen an urgent care so clean. I really recommend this place. Georgia is lucky to have such a great urgent care!

D.W. from Atlanta, GA

Four house guests from Ohio in their 60s & one has fever, chills, cough.  I selected Healing Heart Urgetn Care based on ratings and called them.  They told us to come right in.  The receptionist came out of her office to help with some short paper work and she offered us hot tea, chocolate, water or coffee.  Then my out of town guest was called in to be seen by the doctor.  The office suite was tastefully decorated and comfortable. (loved watching 'Planet Earth' while I waited a very short amount of time)  I had questions and the Doctor gave me important answeres.  I highly recommend Healing Heart Urgent Care for loved ones and vistors.

Demetrios K. from Tucker, GA

I went to Healing Heart Urgent Care for the first time and the experience was very professional. The doctor saw me promptly and addressed my problem.  I would highly recommend Healing Heart Urgent Care to anyone needing medical attention.



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